Dress to Impress by Shannon Dand

First impressions last....

Nowhere is this truer than when searching for a new home, investment property or other piece of real estate. This is why top agents will utilise a good professional photographer to showcase a home. Not only does it generate interest in a property and build traffic to the open homes, but it also increases the perceived value of a property. 

Here we have supplied you with a list of the things that you as a home owner can do to assist in generating that First Impression that says "I am a value property, you need to come and have a look"

You're welcome. 

The future is bright and its in 3D! by Shannon Dand

The world of virtual reality has come a long way since it's inception. We are now able to bring any space to your home computer, allowing you to take a virtual tour right from your lounge room or office. In fact with todays mobile devices you could be ANYWHERE! This is the power of a 3D Virtual Showcase.

Imagine being able to offer open homes to your clients 24/7. No need for arranging times, scheduling between owners and potential buyers for a walk through. No need to be ever vigilant that the house is clean and tidy 'just in case'. A virtual showcase gives you the power to display your properties at their best every time, any time.

High end properties attract buyers from far afield, interstate and internationally. Having your homes available to them at anytime of day is a massive advantage to any seller. Why limit your potential market to those that can physically get to the home?

The interactive nature of the 3D Virtual showcase gives potential buyers the flexibility to guide themselves around he property. Videos are good and can establish a feel to a property but a buyer is still at the mercy of what the video wants to show. Not any more. Now you are able to give your buyers the ability to walk through and look around at their leisure.

Be a part of what is the property marketing future.

3D Dollhouse view