Overview Media is a business born from the need for high quality visual media catering to the property, commercial and architecture industries. 

Our clients success is our success. This simple rule is our foundation and why we strive to constantly better our services and stay ahead of the ever developing property market.

We bring years of experience creating visual marketing products for the luxury real estate sector with professional photography at the core. Building on this most important medium we offer technical floor plan drawings, aerial photo/video and  three dimensional virtual showcases.

The future is bright and it's in 3D


Thank you to the continued support of my past and present clients and contributors. 

Our lead photographer, Shannon Dand, has travelled the world perfecting his craft of photography and developing a love for all visual mediums. 

Overview Media brings together talented collaborators in varying fields to work together. We believe it's our ability to find the strengths in others and harness our energies together that has built a strong flexible team of professionals, capable of delivering on our clients ever changing needs. 


"Shannon and Imagecloud, do little more than make my brand, my agency, look stunning. Beautiful photography is not only critical for the presentation of properties to the buying public, but is also a
reflection of the quality of the agency representing them. After all, with the net quickly taking over print media, 99% of buyers will see the property first as a photo, so you only get one chance to get it perfect.

If you don’t have Shannon shooting for you, you don’t have a competitive advantage …."

Tyson Nicholson - The Property Market